Treadmill Stress Test

This procedure evaluates electrical activity during physical exercise and determines the presence and severity of blockages in the arteries of heart. The procedure is used for initial diagnosis, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs.

Sestamibi (Nuclear) Stress Test

This diagnostic stress test evaluates the patient’s heart during actual physical or simulated exercise. Imaging of the heart is performed before and after exercise to determine the effect of the exercise on the heart.


Ultrasound waves create a two-dimensional view of the heart. This non-invasive diagnostic procedure evaluates various structures within the heart. A stress echocardiogram compares the heart’s function during exercise to its function during rest for greater precision in determining whether or not there are blockages in the arteries.

Cardiac Catheterization

Performed at Wake Med Hospital and Rex Hospital, this procedure involves the insertion of a catheter (thin plastic tube) through an artery or vein in the arm or leg into the chambers of the heart or coronary arteries. X-ray images are produced to examine blood flow to the arteries to test how well the heart is pumping. With this information, we can design a precise treatment program.

Event  Monitor

Patients wear an event monitor to record an EKG during periods of dizziness, chest pain or other symptoms that happen intermittently. The device can be worn for long periods of time in an attempt to “capture” infrequent cardiac events.

Pacemaker check

We conduct a periodic checkup of the pacemaker to determine if it’s working adequately or if the battery needs replacement.

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